Start the journey to 10,000 hours

User experience is not the responsibility of one person in your organisation. Great UX comes from a shared vision and having user centred design at the heart of your business. 

We provide mentorship and coaching to business leaders and team managers who want to know the fundamentals of UX design without the psychobabble.

Discovery Project Coaching

£15,000 (+VAT)

We'll take you through a discovery project for your product including a series of group workshops to help you and your team understand and deliver value using the double diamond method from discovery through define, design and develop stages.

You'll learn how to:

One-to-One Mentorship & Coaching

From £500 (+VAT)

We Are AFK founder Andy Parker, is backed by the User Experience Professionals Association ( as a UX Mentor and Coach.

We'll work together to create a 6 month plan to explore, understand and achieve the goals you have for yourself in your work life, whether that's overcoming communication barriers, presenting research, working with development teams, managing stakeholders or preparing for a leadership role.