Have you ever mapped your systems?

This is the 10,000ft view. From up high we can see how all the parts of your business work and the individual touch points with your customers. It's how we map and plan digital and analogue interactions for all services, the systems behind them and create holistic experience for your customers.

User Experience (UX) is the sum total of how people experience not just your sites and services, but your organisation as a whole. It includes everything from content to design and from speed to functionality.

By reviewing the service as a whole we can spot opportunities for channels to better support your customers, discover potential ways that existing technologies can be used to enhance your revenue and where new investment should be focussed.

Service design employs methods well established within user centred design to understand business performance and gain insight into how people and the tools provided to them are either supporting or hindering them on producing great products and services.

Uncovering bottlenecks and Discovering Opportunities

We run service design discover and refine projects with you to help map out the backstage and onstage systems and touch points. This is also known as Service Design Blueprints.

This gives you: