Are you crippled by your systems?

Technology is a wonderful thing yet many businesses mistake transformation to mean buying a new CMS. We can help you to discover how to revolutionise your services and products and show you how to make smart tech investments, to help you do more and innovate in ways your customers would never have imagined.

Our experience as IT Solutions architects taught us a valuable lesson - businesses make decision on technology with the wrong motivations. A lot of the time things are replaced too late, high investments are made in system that will not scale or there's a lack of understanding that digital products and services are purposefully not build to last.

Many projects, particularly those relating to web sites or apps start with the belief that the site or app doesn't do what you want it to do. Often this is true but we've not investigated the reasons why and more importantly - whether it affects our customers.

We don't think about what the website is really doing - it is our public image and it cannot lie. A poorly performing website or app tends to be the result of causal effects from what is going on inside your business.

To start a successful transformation project you have to look inward.

Digital should be thought of as a way of doing things instead of a list technologies and software to do jobs. It's more about creating new open cultures and learning by doing because software is cheap and doesn't matter if you break it.

Digital Transformation is about enabling businesses to be efficienteffective and by proxy deliver incredible experiences to their customers.

How do you digitally transform?

Transformation is not about a single project, like migrating your CRM, but relates to looking at the broader relationship you have with technology as a business in order to find areas that can be improved, where best to invest in the future and what you can live without.

Common activities

We help you to discover what technologies are available that can improve your capabilities as a company, use and create data properly to guide you into ways of thinking that aren’t solely based on budgets and targets and as a result, meet the expectations of your customers.

Is this the service I'm looking for?

We have worked on transformation projects with nationwide car dealerships, local councilsgovernments, online retailers, transport providers, Universities and Colleges.

If you want to learn how to make better investment decisions, are currently thinking about replacing some technology and are worried you're making the wrong choices - get in touch.