Monday I met with David Beadmore, the commercial director for the ODI, to talk about membership models, plans for the future of ODI London, I gave him feedback on the Open Data in a Day course, and we talked about some possible collaborations we may have coming up with a number of charities and local councils.

Open Data is something we believe in a lot here at We Are AFK and any opportunities we have to work with the ODI and getting companies more aware of the benefits and potential they can gain from having open data we'll take.

Thursday I hosted & facilitated the Business Challenge Forum at Fusebox. If you've been reading a while you'll know that I was invited to attend the previous session and enjoyed it immensely.

Img 20170406 110802

Business Challenge Forum at Fusebox Brighton

The business challenge forum is a lot like a mastermind group. It's an open space for business founders to meet and talk about the real issues they're facing whether that's employee expectations, tax laws, productivity or product design. I wanted to take our learnings and feedback from the last session to ensure that everyone had their question answered and we got really close, there was only one item left on the board and it was the one that was given lowest priority. Following up I suggested we'd pose it as a question for the group by email with everyone feeding into Richard Scott at Digital Catapult to turn it into a blog post as it was a great question that I am sure many people experience.

The afternoon saw the start of interview sessions with the specialists at Rickshaw Travel. Last week we kicked off a research project that's all about gaining more understanding of their customers digital needs and what better way to get going than spending the afternoon with a few the specialists who talk to customers every day?

Friday was a full back to back day of interviews with the specialist team at Rickshaw, before heading to the beach for some well deserved cerveza.

Thoughts from Andy Parker published 7th April 2017