This week, we've been doing an expert review for a major international electrical component supplier, writing up insights from recent interviews with a financial investment company and getting reading for a mahoosive project with a UK energy supplier that we're kicking off next week.

It's the end of the tax year so we've been catching up with our accountants, the excellent Nimbus Accounting. They've been a great addition to the family and really helped us get our shit together, like introducing us to Receipt Bank.

Receipt Bank has removed the rather flaky Dropbox hack we'd put together for managing our receipts and getting them into FreeAgent. Now we just have to take a picture of our receipts and the rest is done for us 👍

There is a down side to the week though. James Tyer, who has been an associate of ours since the beginning is heading back to Canada. James has taken on a great role at Swoop Analytics and will be based out of Toronto and we know he's already been doing great things with them over the last year.

Unfortunately for us that means James will only be available in an advisory capacity for the companies we've been working with who are developing internal learning programmes. We wish him the best of luck.

Thoughts from Andy Parker published 30th March 2018