First off we are now 3 years old! Holy cow! OK, the official date isn't until Feb, but this is impressive stuff and with it we have finally reached the point where an accountant is needed. Thanks to Emma Smith for her recommendation we've found friends in Nimbus Accounting

In other news this week, and appreciating there's a chasm of info in what's been going on lately, I was at the FutureGOV 10th birthday party where I finally got to meet almost everyone involved. It was good fun!

For the last few months I've been working with a few of the delivery teams at FutureGOV on transformation projects with local authorities all over the country and hope that long may this continue.

You can read Dom's gushing thank you letter on their blog here

I caught up with the team at University of Southampton on our IA project, which you can read about in our customer stories. They're busy writing content and planning rollout for our pilot phase.

The team at Rickshaw Travel are now in peak season and using our experience map to full effect to track user needs and redefine measurement and metrics for digital experiences.

I met with a fascinating team this week who are looking at ways to support growth in their design teams and how to hire the right people, not just the right skills. There may well be more on that over the coming months.

A brief note on meaningful and ethical design

Somehow, through subversive tactics, I'm making waves in getting more teams to invest in bamboo mugs, specifically the ones sold by This has been made so much easier by a number of people tweeting about their own drives to solving a problem from in Government Services, the BBC really doubling down on the impact of Blue Planet, Iceland going full tilt and making Theresa May look like a complete plum by announcing their mission to be plastic free by 2024 (some 20+ years before the pitiful Conservative Party mandate) and starting to see discounts from major coffee chains.

You'll see in the photo above, that Pret is also now providing discounts whenever you bring your own cup in.

Everyone should be carrying their own containers.

Finally, with the weather truly sucking, my eyes are squarely fixed on some time in the mountains in a few short weeks. The board has been out and waxed, clothes and boots aired and Febreezed and goggles de-misted. Who says you can never plan too far ahead?

Thoughts from Andy Parker published 19th January 2018