This week I've learnt to say no (again).

It's been a fantastic and varied week that included returning to The Skiff, my main based in the first year of business and being welcomed in by a few people I met the first time around. It's great to catch up with everyone and see what people have been doing lately.

For anyone considering whether they should invest in a membership to a co-working space my advice is try out a few different ones before you go all in, the environment, the dynamics of people, facilities, they all have to be right for you. Of all the places I have worked from since 2016 The Skiff is the one I am happier to go back to because it ticks all those boxes - and - there's an excuse to ring a MASSIVE BELL.

I have been working on how best to report back insights from a workshop I ran last week. There is an art to reporting. Nobody likes big dense decks or documents, especially me. But you have to consider a number of things before you get going with taking all your insights and figuring out how to play it back.

In this case, the first one was the biggest hurdle because the insight gathered from the sessions opened up a variety of avenues and all of them had a strong lead to them. I believe in picking one thing and focussing on that for any report rather than various chapters.

Next up was consulting with a recently reconnected associate which has been marvellous. The importance of having another person to riff off, challenge you, ask questions and see what comes out is only really clear when your in the room.

There's been a number of new business meetings all of them fairly favourable and as I start to pack my bags for some time away I am anticipating some positive updates over the coming weeks.

Thoughts from Andy Parker published 16th February 2018