The year is coming to a close, but the conversations and work is still flowing.

The week started learning all there is to know about the impending Homelessness Reduction Act and how to support local authorities in ensuring they have systems in place to ensure compliance with how services meet the needs of people who may become, or are homeless.

The University of Southampton launched their tree test using Treejack, with exceptional response rate from across the organisation. We've just started to look into the results today and it is all looking really positive, with a few unexpected results. These will help with our final planning of their new content strategy for HR guidance and advice for staff.

On Thursday, I attended a panel review at Sussex Downs College in Lewes. I was asked a few weeks ago to represent industry in validating the structure, content and outcomes of the Digital Media Design at FDA and BA level. A truly fascinating insight into the course creation and review structure found in further education and higher education.

Finally, we began looking into opportunities to expand our work further through Europe and may be running some public events between March and July next year.

Thoughts from Andy Parker published 8th December 2017