I'm very excited to be going back to Bristol and what better reason than to soak up the Quay side and our host for the day M-Shed.

Having to miss last year was not something I did happily, as frankly, I think it's the only decent full-day UX event in Europe (willing to be proved wrong). The day is a series of workshops that you can choose from, all focussed on you learning practical skills that will help you in your working life.

This year I have been invited back by the fantastic committee that organises the event to run a workshop with a very different spin - Empathy for teams. This is a light activity to help show teams that even though we are all in the same room, that doesn't mean we should assume that we are understanding what is being said or done the same as the next person.

I'll be updating the blog with photos and feedback from the session in coming weeks, I hope to see some of you there!


Thoughts from Andy Parker published 12th July 2017