On Monday Andy attended the Open Data in a day course at The ODI London HQ. The course runs frequently throughout the year and is designed with data publishers in mind. The course is broken into foundations in Open Data, why you should be publishing your data and how to license it before exploring existing registers and the datasets already out there for you to play with before rounding things up with some practical training on how to do effective data cleaning.

We may be biased as we're a member of the ODI and on our way to becoming an associate partner, but it's a great course and highly recommended for anyone who is working in organisations that are sitting on datasets that could be monetised, or has value to the public at large.

Open Data in a Day Course

On Tuesday we began interviews for our first employees! As a side note - we are currently looking for Junior & Mid-weight UX Designers, and experienced Digital Trainers.

Wednesday we took part in the Business Challenge Forum, a mastermind group setup at Digital Catapult in Brighton for business founders to discuss what's happening for them right now and to support one another with very mixed challenges ranging from staff morale, finding your market vertical, evaluating effort and when to give up.

Andy's volunteered to host the next session in April, so expect to hear more about this group in the future.

On Friday we went to London to kick off our latest UX Coaching project (more on that next week) and popped back to ODI London for their lunch time lectures - From Private Collections to Open Culture which was presented by Jo Pugh, a research engineer and a member of the Centre for Digital Heritage at the University of York and the founder of Open Inheritance Art, a project to collect images of tax exempt art from around the UK.

Thoughts from Andy Parker published 3rd March 2017