Monday Andy kicked off a new lightweight round of sketching interface solutions for Market Research Society, a membership institution based in the UK designed provide governance to the market research industry. We then met up in the evening with David Beardmore, Commercial Director at The ODI, to talk about membership plans and how we can help in delivering them throughout this year.

Tuesday saw a double blow. First off, we got word from The Big Lemon that Innovate UK had not awarded us the grant for Early Stage Design project on making public transport completely emissions free, community owned and efficient. It's a genuine shame because the realities are being a CiC they will struggle to do this innovation research through lack of funding. Everyone at the Big Lemon is incredibly talented and smart, but equally stretched and pressed for time. This grant would have helped loosen that up and finally allow them to expand out of Brighton and campaign stronger for a future for generations to come.

We're confident that we'll be working together regardless, only it may be a bit slower.

The next thumb came from ACE Conf in Poland, a great event we tracked last year. They got in touch to say Andy had been turned down for running a workshop on User Experience Mapping with Empathy for two reasons. 1) Limited transport budget particular on air fair so they prefer to give workshop slots to local practitioners as their workshops are poorly attended. 2) They would have asked him to speak only they want to ask someone who has written a book on the subject to speak about it in 2018. Don't understand that logic, but hey, we're not conference organisers.

Wednesday saw another rejection, this time through a collaboration with one of our partners on a LMS project for the NHS. Meanwhile Andy was looking at events catalogue design and whether we can teach UX Designers how to create html prototype wireframes with a prebuilt package he's been tinkering with for the last few weeks.

Thursday Andy hosted the Business Forum at the Fusebox, Brighton. This is a round table event for startup founders that reside at Fusebox and Digital Catapult to discuss what's happening with them and the issues they're facing. Having looked into setting up UX Mastermind groups last year through Designer Hangout, it's given us some ideas on how we could conduct this virtually.

In the afternoon, we began our latest project in the travel industry, interviewing the staff at Rickshaw Travel to learn about the many people they speak to daily and the sort of things they're wanting to learn about.

Friday we continued our activities with Rickshaw Travel doing some call-centre listening and more interviews.

Thoughts from Andy Parker published 6th April 2017