After a week away there was the usual email churn to get through before a meeting with The Red Cross Innovation In Fundraising team. They’re working very hard on a cultural shift to get out of silo working and using design thinking activities to help teams become more connected and able to deliver holistic services. We’re going to be doing some seminars with them over the coming months to help move that forward.

With just a few days left for submission for The Big Lemon’s bid with Innovate UK, we did a quick review of where we’d got to in preparation for another dream team meeting on Tuesday to finish up the financials forms (the boring complicated bit).


Another dream team meeting with The Big Lemon to recap over questions that were emailed around last week and to sit down and do the sums. After 3 hours we had the numbers and they matched fairly close to our original estimate for the project! All that was left for me to do was write up the cred deck for We Are AFK and for final proof reading.

I really hope this comes through.

The day had a great conclusion with the first long-term win of the year! We’ll be working with the governing body of the advertising world for the next few months reviewing their membership model and how to deliver better services to their international members both businesses and the individuals within them.


The day began with a terrifying email from The Big Lemon, subject line “Think we need to rewrite the Innovate UK bid”.. My heart sank. Fortunately, those pranksters were messing with me. Enclosed was the following video.

The afternoon I caught up with Monika Bansal, who now resides in Berlin. I wanted to get some advice from Monika as she’s been working in automotive vehicles lately and I had some ideas from the project I wanted to share and see what she thought. There’s a good chance of a great partnership if the bid gets awarded to The Big Lemon.


Kicking things off with a trip to St Paul’s Church cafe in Worthing to meet with pBod, a project management consultancy who are running a program of digital transformation with Adur & Worthing Council. We met to discuss the need for design training within the digital team and how UX Coaching could work for them on a number of projects starting in the new financial year. It was a great session and I’m very hopeful for progress on that front.

The day was rounded off by a somewhat strange careers talk at BHASVIC, a sixth form college in Brighton. I met with a tutor group to talk about what Digital Design does and made emphasis on not going and finding a job and instead look into ideas of their own and to start their own things. This I now strongly believe in. The idea of discouraging people to start out just because they lack experience is folly and if anything young adults can fail harder and faster than any of us over 30s and recover with even greater strength.

We need to support our futures by encouraging that future to think for itself.


Meetings with two Brighton businesses with similar challenges. How do you validate your information architecture and embark on changing it where necessary? More to come on that in the coming weeks.

Thoughts from Andy Parker published 24th February 2017