A quiet week as we've pretty much wrapped up for the year it was a time of meeting up with some of the people we've worked with this year and a lot of lunches.

We had our last day working on our joint project with a UK Health Insurer which saw a core team run-through of the User Experience Map we've been working on for the last 20 days.

There is one worthy mention. I met with Eric Kihlstrom, co-founder of KareInn.com. We were introduced through the Digital Catapult in Brighton where Eric is based a few days of the week, the rest with the other team members at Google Campus London.

KareInn is a patient record app specifically designed for use in care homes and has been developed in just the way we like - onsite in homes with the residents and carers.

Eric had been referred to us with regards to a very different kind of project they're involved in - the construction of a new residential facility in central London. We talked about the challenges of technology decisions at the point of building construction and how we may be able to help with some workshops to help the building owners with decision making relating to the tech that will be going into the home.

We've put together a joint proposal to run a series of design studio workshops to help with exploring opportunities for the technology that can be explored. It's a very different challenge the more I think about it because buildings, unlike your tech stack, are permanent and sort of a build once kind of affair and this is exactly the question mark the builders, architects and partners have themselves.

I'm sure we'll have more about that in the new year. Until then - thank you 2016, you've been more than we'd ever expected.

Thoughts from Andy Parker published 23rd December 2016