Things escalated quickly.

Most of the week was taken up with finishing a proposal for a large User Centred Design training programme with a UK council. It’s my intention to publish the proposal co-created with James Tyer at Togetherwise regardless of whether we win the project or not.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a few years. We all talk about sharing what we learn, show your work and yet we never talk about how we propose to work with others and frankly, it can be the hardest part of any project - getting someone to sign on the line. Keep an eye out for that as the contract has to be rewarded within the next two weeks we believe.

It was a crappy experience having to use the Pro Contract system by Due North which unfortunately many organisations use.

In related news, I shipped, every now and then I like to lend a hand and founder James has been a long friend of mine and we’re looking forward to working together over the coming year.


Signed new supplier contract for a group we met last summer with the plan of an almost immediate start on something with them for February.

Began a content planning project for this very site to reflect the refocus of our original intention - training teams through projects.


A very different start to the day than normal I went on a walk on the South Downs with a number of other small and micro business founders including the walk facilitators and guides themselves Unknown Epic. It was a fantastic way to meet a few people and I was finally able to met in person Jonathan Markwell, he who founded The Skiff, and LVT Conf. Also bought ticket for LVT Conf.


Finally submitted proposal with a day to spare. Stumbled across a charity project that a few people at Fusebox are working on Pro Bono.


Had meeting with Green Lemon Company and the Cat Davison, Founder of Reading Spots, regarding a Wordpress rebuild and rethink. Signed on to help within an hour of talking about it. Here’s some info on that through the Wired Sussex bulletin board.


Gave some advice to someone about keynote speaking for a conference, reflected on goals for the year and simultaneously began revising the outline for a talk I want to share with people over the coming year.

Thoughts from Andy Parker published 20th January 2017