Andy has been exploring Membership models with IPA and Precedent, our partner on the project and using the data to inform initial restructuring of content.

Thursday we got together all the bank statements for the end of year accounts submission and found a few errors. Turns out we'd underpaid... ourselves! Always nice to get more money than you were expecting.

To round off the week we had our latest session with Hexology founder Darrel J Butlin. We'd left Darrel with some homework - explore the value proposition statement template and see whether he can distill down the purpose of Hexology in order to provide the focus needed for redevelopment.

It was a great workshop, exploring the various iterations he had gone through and breaking them back down to further refine. What came out was a series of content types with different purposes based on where they appear and when you're reading them. 

The outcome of our workshop resulted in a clear Value Proposition Statement, Mission Statement and Elevator Pitches. Darrel will now use these to explore the way in which the app will work - his home work for this month!

We've written about this workshop at Value Proposition With Hexology.

Thoughts from Andy Parker published 17th March 2017