Is Your Work Meaningful?

We Are AFK provides Digital Consultancy, teaching you how to apply User Experience Design to problem solving and business strategy - creating collaborative working environments with purpose and businesses with meaning.

Our Approach

We work on location, inside your business and we work with you - not for you.

Great design is in what you don't see just as much as what you do. We practice collaborative design to find the answers to those difficult questions, identify opportunities, give you a clear plan, and fix leaks.

We bring with us over 10,000 hours experience gained working in internationally renowned User Experience and Digital Design Agencies delivering award winning digital products and services for household names, startups, charities and local businesses.

Creative Workshops For Problem Solving

We have found through years of experience that the use of Design Games and Collaborative Workshops are more productive than any meeting you will ever have.

Our projects are all built on the backbone of collaborative workshop exercises in order to get the answers we need to start designing things that people really want, and wont know how they lived without.

Key Services

UX Coaching

User experience is not the responsibility of one person in your organisation. UX It is the result of everyone working together with the a shared vision and having user centred design at the heart of your business. We coach teams and leaders to use design skills in every task.

Digital Transformation

Technology is a wonderful thing yet many businesses mistake transformation to mean buying a new CMS. We can help you to discover how to revolutionise your services and products and show you how to make smart tech investments, to help you do more and innovate in ways your customers would never have imagined.

Service Design

This is the 10,000ft view. From up high we can see how all the parts of your business work and the individual touch points with your customers. It's how we map and plan digital and analogue interactions for all services, the systems behind them and create holistic experience for your customers.

Ethical Design

We care about the impact that the web industry has on our planet and the importance in ethical businesses.

This site is hosted with A Small Orange, who put back 150% of the energy they use with renewable energy.

We bank with Triodos - the only ethical bank; we know where our money is used to help those who need it around the world.

We'd like to help you in finding partners that are thinking about all of us.