Is Your Work Meaningful?

We Are AFK provides Digital Consultancy, teaching you how to apply User Experience Design to problem solving and business strategy - creating collaborative working environments with purpose and businesses with meaning.

How We Work

We work on location, inside your business and we work with you - not for you.

Great design is in what you don't see just as much as what you do see. We practice collaborative design to find the answers to those difficult questions, identify opportunities, give you a clear plan, and fix leaks.

Founded by Andy Parker in 2016, we bring with us over 10,000 hours experience gained working in internationally renowned User Experience and Digital Design Agencies delivering award winning digital products and services for household names, startups, charities and local businesses.

Away From The Keyboard

Have you ever had an epiphany in the shower? Your mind is clear and then suddenly, an idea of how to fix a problem you've been battling for weeks pops into your head? Us too, and we know why it happens. In order to see opportunities clearly, you have to step back and take a different approach. Sometimes that just involves getting out of the office, finding neutral ground to work from, other times it requires trying something a little different.

Creative Workshops For Problem Solving

We have found through years of experience that the use of Design Games and Collaborative Workshops are more productive than any meeting you will ever have.

Our projects are all built on the backbone of collaborative workshop exercises in order to get the answers we need to start designing things that people really want, and wont know how they lived without.

Get Outside

When possible, we run our workshops away from the distractions of the office. That doesn't mean we'll get you to hire a conference room somewhere; although that may be the best solution. We've found that activities like Walkshops can really solve some of those known unknowns. If you'd like to learn more about the concept of Walkshops, check out the fantastic team at Uknown Epic.

Key Services

Digital Strategy

We'll give you methods to map out your business goals and align them with your customer needs. It doesn't matter whether you have a product, service, or something completely new like IoT, VR or AR. We'll teach you agile techniques to keep things moving quickly and get answers faster. Digital strategy isn't illustrated roadmaps and product backlogs. It's creating a clear vision, a shared understanding, and processes that ensure a great user experience for all.

User Experience

Discover fast and cheap methods for conducting user and market research and the techniques to put those learnings into everything you produce. Designing digital products can be hard. Spend too long debating on where to take your product next and you'll be left at the roadside. Using lean project processes, we can define and build in short bursts so that you can get your product out to market as quickly as possible and start learning from it.

Lean Design

Lean UX; or Lean Design, combines Agile project management and User Experience Design to quickly build something you can learn from. It's the best way to introduce iterative and collaborative design into your business. Using fast, lightweight methods such as Design Sprints, and well established design games to remove personal bias from decision making process, we'll show you how to create products truly designed for your customers.

Ethical Design

We care about the impact that the web industry has on our planet and the importance in ethical businesses and would like to help you in finding partners that are thinking about all of us. That's why our site is hosted with A Small Orange, who put back 150% of the energy they use with renewable energy.

We bank with Triodos - the only ethical bank; we know where our money is used to help those who need it around the world.

Sharing What We Learn

Education is also important to us. Andy provides UX Design Mentoring to people who want to learn how to make their careers meaningful, or to ensure their startup has purpose and is a registered mentor with Andy also volunteers for youth action groups including Young Rewired State to ensure that our future is in the hands of bright minds who are using their talent for good - not just for profit.

Our Partners

We want to work with groups that share our values, we hope you feel the same.

Digital Catapult UK

In 2017 we became the resident UX Coach at Digital Catapult Brighton, where we support the creation of meaningful digital businesses exploring new technologies.


Togetherwise have decades of experience delivering technology for creating community driven learning in organisions and leadership training frameworks.